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Bird Watching

Despite its small size about 770 species of birds have been recorded in Bhutan and the kingdom is recognized as 221 global endemic birds areas. Within country’s borders there are extraordinary range of habitats, from some of the Himalaya’s most extensive and least disturbed tropical forests to cool broad leaved and birds in Bhutan towering evergreen forests of fir, hemlock and spruce.

The entire country is bisected by well maintained paved road and birding especially in mid to late spring (late March to late May) is good virtually anywhere below 3,100 m. Unlike many part of Asia, one is not obliged to seek out a park or reserve or remnant patch of ‘good looking’ habitat, since at any stop even in the midst of farmland, exciting birds are visible. The mixed broad leaf forests are much richer, and therefore more exciting for birding, than the rather slow growing monotonic stands of blue pine and particularly chir pine.

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