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Floral / Botanical Tour

Bhutan has been listed as one of the top ten hot spots of biological diversity in the world. With over 70% of its total land area under forest cover; Bhutan is home to one-fifth of the world’s plant species and two-thirds of the most endangered species of plants and animals. The Bhutanese seasons are reflected in full color by flowers and plants, which cover the mountainside.Research has shown that Bhutan\‘s forest is host to more than 5500 species of plants and 675 species of birds. There are 300 species of medicinal plants and over 600 species of orchids including another 50 species of rhododendron. You can see flowers and plants, but the central attraction of this package is a glimpse of how the Bhutanese society values and respects nature and lives in harmony with it based on the spiritual and religious beliefs.

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